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4 good reasons to strengthen your legs

Why is it important to build up your legs?

Do you know the "Leg day"? In bodybuilding, it is the leg day, a session avoided by many people in their bodybuilding program. But where does this aversion to strengthening leg muscles come from? Why is it recommended to work the legs? Here are 4 good reasons to do it!

Why don't people like to work on their thighs?

build up the legs

There is no love affair between gym-goers or casual exercisers and leg exercises. This could be due to several concurrent reasons:

  • The difficulty Strengthening your lower body: this is the part that is most subject to genetics. Strengthening your lower muscles takes a considerable amount of time, especially the calves which are difficult to develop depending on a person's genetics. Without the right patience, gaining mass on the thighs becomes an ordeal. Added to this are the complications of training. It is well known that we do not like to feel pain. Unfortunately, sport requires you to go beyond your limits and an incentive and all leg exercises are known to be strenuous and make you feel the burn. And since it's our lower muscles that carry our weight, it's all the more reason to do without.
  • The pain The day after Leg Day, the muscular demands of the day before lead to particularly virulent aches and pains, especially the first few times, until you feel constant pain with each step. Enough to make us promise never to do it again!
  • Passive denial Legs are often mistakenly thought not to need maintenance. Either because we are convinced that genetics is the only master of our body, or that the aesthetics of the legs are not important, or that it is enough to walk ten minutes a day to build up the inner thighs. In any case, this is a lack of knowledge on the subject.

Why is it important to build up your legs?

Strengthening the leg muscles goes far beyond the usual aesthetic considerations conveyed by gyms. If it is true that the balance between the legs, the calves, and the upper body, is important not to look like a chicken when you lift weights, it is necessary to think of the paramount aspect of the sport which is the maintenance of the body in its beneficial dimension, i.e. physiological. In addition, doing a leg workout produces more testosterone which helps to build muscle throughout the body.

Here are 4 reasons why you should take charge of the muscular development of your lower limbs in their entirety!

Tone up your whole body

leg training

The homo sapien straightened up thanks to his powerful legs but also thanks to his back and his sheathing. Many exercises in the weight room or outside that concern the legs, adductors, calves, thighs or buttocks, allow you to gain volume on all the muscles of the body in a process of efficient harmonization. In this way, your back and abdominal belt also work, strengthening your posture. In your bodybuilding session, we can find for example exercises such as variations of lunges, the "chair", and the classic squats or their Bulgarian version.

Balancing your body balance

We often hear about chronic back or knee problems. All of these complications often stem from poor leg movements, but also from a lack of muscle development and activity in these lower muscles, especially around the knee joint. Harmonization of the body requires intense and coordinated movement. Muscling the legs and strengthening the buttocks helps to learn how to keep the back straight for optimal efficiency. By putting to the test the essential elements of your movements with a beneficial respect for your constitution, certain troublesome pains will disappear by themselves.

Activate your metabolism

Because of the proven intensity allocated to their development, the legs remain the champions of greed in terms of caloric consumption, but also in muscle development. This is the muscle group the most voluminous: the quadriceps, the hamstrings, the adductors and the buttocks. Maintaining them requires a rich dietary intake. As a result, training them engages in exceptional and welcome fat burning. In other words, we burn more calories by training our legs. Coupled with a cardiovascular dimension like the skipping ropeThis is the muscular part that is most conducive to losing weight, refining the thighs, gaining muscle, increasing testosterone and growth hormone, and thus giving the whole body a metabolic boost. Muscle mass quickly becomes an attainable target, especially in deadlifts where muscle fibres are put to the test.

Improve performance

Thigh program
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As with any growing muscle, building up your thighs is conducive to a drastic improvement in your sports performance. After a warm-up and essential stretching, everything becomes possible. Previously fragile, your thighs can now withstand shocks, intense periods and explosive split runs. They carry you higher, further and longer. In everyday life, prolonged standing or a long walk will be synonymous with a healthy walk. The accumulated fatigue will be less pernicious to you at the end of your day, and the saved energy will be used so that your body shows a solar well-being. Your muscular legs will bring you daily dynamism, for after all, they are the ones who carry you!

Developing your lower muscles is inherent to your health. No more skipping "Leg day"! Let's go! Everyone get dressed for your favorite muscle building!

Whether you want to build up your thighs, buttocks or any other part of your body, call on a personal trainer. It will allow you to reach your goals quickly, avoiding any risk of injury. 

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  1. Very good article as usual!
    many people neglect their legs...
    I started with 1 leg day per week, but I'm a bit behind and I'm doing 2 per week and my thigh volume is increasing accordingly!
    But I don't work in sets of 10 repetitions but between 15 and 20 repetitions where I notice a better volume gain.
    Everyone is different, which is why it is important to have a personal coach to help you progress!
    Good luck for your competition Julien!

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