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Posing classic physique : Learn to do bodybuilding poses

This category was born in 2016 in NPC IFBB and aims to find the aesthetic physiques of the golden age of bodybuilding. The symmetry must be perfect with a good ratio of shoulders, shapely thighs, while keeping the waist slim. The body must be in X shape and the athlete must know how to pose by putting in scene his physicality on a music which he will have chosen during a posing.

Classic physique poses

In the Classic Physique category, the poses are :

  • Front double biceps 
  • Double back biceps
  • Thigh crunches or vacuum
  • Biceps cage
  • Favorite classic

Here are the bodybuilding poses in pictures.

The first round requires comparisons between competitors with these bodybuilding poses. The best in this area will showcase the athletes' bodies and thus help the judges to rank the competitors. Training hard and dry is not enough, so in addition to presenting a beautiful physique you must know how to show off by knowing the poses by heart.

Unlike the Bodybuilding category, there is a height to weight ratio to respect. For more details : All about bodybuilding competitions (Bikini, Men's physique, Classic Physique, Body...)

Official NPC - IFBB Seminar at the Miami Iron Gym

Rules for the new Classic Physique and posing category. A preview of the very first NPC seminar at the Miami Iron GYM in which I was invited as a guest speaker for posing classes of the official NPC IFBB rules and in particular the new Classic Physique category and mandatory posing. At that time, (2016) the Classic Physique category had just been introduced in the United States. So, here are the bodybuilding poses...

You can activate the subtitles for this video to better understand the rules.

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