How do I choose a good online bodybuilding coach?


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Bodybuilding is a physical sport, and without a good bodybuilding coach, it's difficult to reach high-performance levels on your own, without getting injured. You want to get back into shape, build muscle, strengthen certain muscle groups, lose fat, increase your physical performance and much more....

Whatever your level and age, you will probably need help to guide you in this quest for your goal and finding the right coach is not easy. They can come in a variety of ways. (Face to face coach for one off sessions, online sports coach or even group class coach). But whatever you choose, you will need to get all their best advice to be at the top.

Thanks to training sessions structured according to your person and your schedule, he will be able to manage a set of parameters for you to facilitate your progress and allow you to advance without injury.

The most important thing in all this is to choose the right sports coach who can prepare you for customized programs to get in shape and stay healthy.

Why use a sports coach?

A professional coach is used to help the bodybuilder to have a better level of sport and thus improve his sports performances. It also serves to give the best advice for the fastest possible progress (even if we all know that sculpting a dream body takes time). Thanks in particular to a form assessment, and a rigorous follow-up where the customer will be able to have a training program adapted to his level and dietary information in the form of food plan to have for example a flat belly, well traced abs, developed pectorals. All of this combined to reach the goal that the bodybuilder has set.

For sports professionals, there are several ways to do sports coaching, it can be found in different organizations:

  • The home coach
  • The online coach or the remote coach
  • The coach in the company
  • The coach in a sports club
  • The coach in a fitness center

He can have several hats and can be called in different ways: that of the bodybuilding coach, fitness coach, nutrition coach, fitness coach and slimming coach .... Insofar as his diplomas, training and experience allow it. We will come back to this in detail below.

So you can choose how you want to train.

indoor trainer

Home coaching is very practical for those who do not want to go to a gym to save time and who would still like to work out in order to increase their muscle volume or lose weight. It is often chosen by people who would like to train in a familiar and more friendly atmosphere.

This option is considered as a service to the person and can therefore benefit from a tax reduction. Only taxpayers or people looking for work who would like to hire a home coach can apply (under certain conditions).

  • Online coaching or distance coaching is an option to be favored when the practitioner believes he/she is autonomous enough to honor his/her training and diet. Moreover, you keep online all the records that your personal trainer has made. You will be able to consult them whenever you need them. Your coach will adapt your training and nutritional plan to your weekly reports and will adapt to your lifestyle.

This personalized follow-up from your trainer will accompany you throughout your lessons in order to improve your physical performance and to see your evolution week after week.

A dietary follow-up as well as nutritional advice for the number of calories to be consumed each day by taking into account the calories burned during your sports sessions. Food supplements that are interesting for the body such as BCAA or vitamins will also be proposed in addition to your follow-up. Indeed, the body-builder will need more vitamins and minerals than a sedentary person. This can be met by the diet but sometimes, depending on the personal objective, the diet is not enough.

  • Getting back into shape with the advice of a coach in a club or in a gym is interesting for those who do not like to store equipment at home and who take advantage of this opportunity to get some fresh air by changing their environment. The coach will be there to help you choose the right equipment for your needs and size and will correct your movements if necessary. In this respect, you will also find in some gyms group classes that are more or less interesting for cardio and muscle strengthening for women. On the other hand, the coaches in the gym who help you the best are in most cases not able to build you a food plan.
  • Corporate sport is done a lot in multinationals, each group of practitioners has a coach and coaching sessions adapted to each level, the role of the trainer will be much access on the management of stress at work and how to be in shape. Nevertheless, this is still rare in France. Here again, it is often only about training and not about nutritional follow-up
corporate coach

However, it is rare to have a coach all to yourself in this context. But it is still an attractive environment to create a team player dynamic within the company and to build relationships with colleagues.

Whatever the method chosen, bodybuilding is an opportunity for the practitioner to follow sports training with a program tailored to achieve his ideal weight and nutritional advice tailored to his needs through personal coaching by a professional. It should be remembered that training and nutrition are inseparable for a good result.

As far as bodybuilding is concerned, the coach will prepare a sports program to tone up, made of muscle strengthening, of muscle gain or on the contrary fat loss (commonly called a dry run) with strength training exercises consisting of :

as well as exercises to work the muscles like :

  • Arms: biceps, triceps
  • Shoulders
  • Back and trapezium
  • Buttocks (squats or lunges...)
  • Legs and calves

The equipment used will consist of weight training equipment such as :

  • Hatslides
  • Bars
  • A weight bench
  • Machines to build muscle
  • A rowing machine, a carpet...
  • Elastic bands, etc.
  • By body weight

Among the training programs, there will be advice given by your coach on mental preparation to stay motivated if you need it. The physical preparation to help the athlete to always reach his objectives is very often repetitive and when the athlete trains alone, he can have some slumps. The coach is there to boost him.

For those who practice sports to lose weight or gain mass, and who feel they have enough knowledge, the stand-alone Ebooks programs offered are a good way to progress independently. They are composed of several training cycles and a nutrition part on some to customize yourself to evolve at your own pace and find the form.

Does a coach need to be trained?

It is essential for an athlete wishing to become a coach to follow an appropriate training in order to embrace the career of a sports coach.

Thanks to his curriculum, he will be able to share his knowledge of healthy sports to help his future students keep fit or lose weight in a healthy way.

weight training diploma

His knowledge as a sportsman and dietician will be an advantageous asset to draw up a training plan coupled with an appropriate food program for his clients. On the other hand, as specified above, a minimum of training is required.

It is therefore also essential for a person looking for a serious and qualified coachIt is important to be well informed before embarking on a follow-up with anyone, which could jeopardize your health. Indeed, many people improvise themselves as a coach just because they have experience in competition or because they had a coach before and think that the methods used on them are the same for all. This is not the case at all. These pseudo coaches fill the social networks and we must be wary of them. In addition, some coaches who have passed a diploma are not necessarily specialists in nutrition.

How to verify that a coach has diplomas and how to become a coach?

The training of a coach takes place through state certificates and diplomas issued by the Ministry of Education, which entitle the coach to exercise the pedagogical education of sports disciplines.

Here are the state diplomas according to the levels of study that sports professionals had to follow in order to become a sports coach:

The first levels :

  • The BJPEPS, which is the professional diploma of the Youth, Popular Education and Sport, thus allowing to exercise the function of sports educator.
  • The CQO ALS, which is the Certificate of Professional Qualification Animator of Sports Leisure, with this training the professional becomes a qualified sports trainer.

The more advanced levels allow the professional to practice the coaching professions known under different names  sports teacher, sports instructor, personal trainer with extensive knowledge in the field of dietetics, sports and nutrition.

Here is the list of courses that can lead to a job as a sports coach:

  • The STAPS Licence in Sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities
  • The Master STAPS specializing in Education and Motor Skills
  • The Master STS in Health Sciences and Technologies, specializing in Engineering and Ergonomics of Physical Activity and Sport

There are other diplomas and training in addition to the one mentioned above that you can find by searching on the internet.

How much does a sports coach cost?

The average rate in France for indoor coaching is about 50 euros per hour but home coaching can go up to 90 euros per hour plus travel.

In reality, the rates vary according to several criteria: The diplomas, the specific request, degressive rate according to the number of hours of coaching per week ... Know that if you pay your subscription to the room, the coaches often present are not always at your disposal. It is an additional service if you need advice or other.

Criteria for choosing a coach

In addition to diplomas and experience, he must also have human qualities to exercise his profession with efficiency. A real relationship is established between the teacher and the student, hence the importance of feeling at ease with his coach. Knowing how to choose your coach will be the key to success in the exercises that the student will do. To work in confidence, it is necessary to give the maximum of information to this one for an effective teamwork.

How to choose a good coach

In order to find a great instructional coach, the athlete will need to ask themselves the right questions, namely :

  • What are the qualities required to be a good coach?
  • How to recognize a good coach?
  • What are the skills of a good coach?

Doing your job with passion

In order to be able to share his knowledge, the professional must be able to convey his passion from the first contact, to transmit his taste for the physical activity that he proposes. The affinity with your coach is a determining criterion so that a relationship of trust is established between you.

Be a source of inspiration

A true coach is one who can make his advice come alive through his students.

He is the one who, above all, remains aware that the success of his student depends on the coach's ability to inspire and motivate the other.

Because the sports coach is above all a positive person who inspires, motivates, through whom the students draw their will to surpass themselves. It is this conscientious competitive spirit that every good sports coach must succeed in transmitting to his students.

If you manage to find a coach like this one, keep it, because not only will you succeed in achieving your goals, but more importantly you will succeed in overcoming the obstacles in your life.

Listen to the student

The coach always keeps in mind that the teacher exists because of the student, just as the student exists because of the coach. These are intrinsic realities, which he does not forget. This is why his ability to listen to the needs and desires of his student is a primordial skill that is part of the best sports coaches.

Knowing how to renew and be innovative

The sports coach is always on the lookout for new techniques to improve his training and stay in shape. He is always looking for new ideas in order to perfect his programs to help the bodybuilder progress. Moreover, this program must be dynamic and must be changed regularly. (every 4 weeks)

Work with rigour

Rigour is one of the qualities of a good professional coach. Working methodically, punctually and with discipline in order to set an example for his student is the basis of a winning team.

The importance of feeling comfortable with your coach

If the coach has the above mentioned criteria, it will be very likely that the practitioner feels good with him/her.

Because it is by feeling confident that the athlete will be able to overcome dry spells, fatigue and demotivation.

His coach will be able to motivate him if he feels overwhelmed by the trainings, especially if he wants to become a high level athlete, to do bodybuilding and to develop his musculature thanks to a gain of muscle mass.

The coach's innate qualities as a mental and physical trainer will help the athlete to sculpt his or her body while keeping realistic goals.

Thanks to the complicity and the trust that they will have woven, the coach will be able to know exactly which food plan and nutritional advice will be adequate for his client. Whether it is for a rebalancing of the dietIf you are looking to get back into shape, tone up, gain muscle, lose weight or even prepare for a competition, he will be able to guide you step by step and tell you how long it will take you to reach your goal.

Attention, however, if the bodybuilding coach is there to help, guide, give advice and motivate, he can in no way do the exercises in place of the athlete and keep his diet for him. It is up to the athlete alone, with the help of his coach, to stick to it no matter what and thus create good habits that will be easier and easier to maintain in the long term.

What is a personal online coach?

It is a qualified physical education professional who will draw up a bodybuilding program and a nutritional plan that will evolve according to the athlete, his objective, his morphology, his age, his sex, his pathologies, his dietary tastes, his schedule and his constraints (for example, in his gym, he does not have all the necessary equipment)

online bodybuilding coach

The notion of personalized must take into account all the parameters mentioned above and this is what makes a coach offer a completely personalized service. The use of the necessary equipment for each movement in order to build muscle or practice sports will be explained in detail by the coach. Lessons on how to lose weight, how to feel better in your body by regaining your tone, how to become a real athlete, how to increase your physical capacities, everything will be explained in his online courses.

You should be aware that such a program requires a number of hours of work each week for its precise realization to be absolutely perfect, and therefore a certain cost. In addition to being entirely personalized, you'll undoubtedly benefit from follow-up e-mails or telephone calls, requests for advice and other requests. Even if the first thing that interests future students is the price, this is not a criterion of trust. If someone offers you such a service at a very low price, there may be a problem, so beware.

Since the explosion of the Internet, this profession has emerged very quickly and many are those today who practice this profession online. This does not exclude the fact of having diplomas.

But how can you tell a real online coach from an amateur?

Online coaching is done remotely with the help of a professional coach and includes all the information mentioned above:

How to choose a good bodybuilding coach

The best online sports coaches are those who have their own website where you can find their professional background, their training, their diplomas as well as their rates for individual coaching, with several packages. Moreover, you can ask your future coach to tell you the diplomas he has obtained during your first contact.

Without a website or information on the coach, it is advisable not to venture into this area especially those you see on social networks and contact you.

Some coaches can via their YouTube channel give advice or propose sports programs for the Internet user who would like to exercise alone. Here again, without a website, it is difficult to trust.

How to find a sports coach online?

Just type on the google search bar:

  • Nutrition coach and personalized program
  • Personalized Online Coaching
  • Online bodybuilding coach

To conclude, the profession of coach is a real exciting job, where training, diplomas as well as human qualities are essential to exercise this work in a professional way.

Above all, before you start training with a coach, make sure that he has the necessary teaching experience, several years of experience, then observe from the first lesson or the first advice how you feel with him, do not hesitate to ask him questions about his background to know him better and to give him a maximum of information so that his work is as accurate as possible.

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