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Are fat burners really effective for fat loss?

Fat burners: effective or not?

When you want to lose some weight, fat burning products are an option that people often turn to. Do these dietary supplements promote weight loss? There are many of them on the market, but are they really effective? We talk about it in this article.

How do fat burners work?

Weight loss supplements stimulate the body's basic metabolism. In doing so, these fat burning products allow you to accelerate your metabolism by increasing your body temperature (stimulates thermogenesis). Your body will then regulate itself and it is this phenomenon that will make you lose some calories. Lipolysis is thus activated and the fat reserves in the body can start to melt away. A faster metabolism requires a lot of energy. The melted fat is converted into energy and used by the body. They are then eliminated and weight loss is facilitated. Be careful in reality, it is not a miracle product. Why? Because the fact of consuming these fat burners, without sports activities and without paying attention to its diet, the result will be minimal or even non-existent. The functioning of a fat burning food supplement is effective only if it is associated with new eating habits and physical exercises.

What ingredients do fat burners contain?

The vast majority of food supplements contain fruit, plant and vegetable extracts. They also contain amino acids and vitamins. These include lemon, green tea, cayenne pepper, chromium, L-carnitine, guarana, and caffeine. There are also dietary supplements based on forskolin, a plant known for its slimming effect. The use of most of these ingredients makes it possible to obtain a natural fat burner, but it is important to check on the leaflet what ingredients are in the product you choose. A slimming capsule may indeed not be 100 % natural.

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Are the products available on the market really effective?

To lose excess weight, some food supplements may be more effective than others. But no study has been able to prove the effectiveness of dietary supplements for slimming. However, they offer many advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages

Fat loss products often cause more energy expenditure. This can then help to lose weight and fight cellulite. These products also have an appetite suppressant effect that prevents snacking between meals. An effective fat burner also allows you to strengthen your muscles and sculpt your figure if you are active in sports.

The disadvantages 

To work, fat burners must be combined with a healthy diet and physical activity. This is not a disadvantage in itself, but if you don't work out and don't pay attention to what you eat, how can you lose weight? Some side effects can also be observed and the presence of certain ingredients such as coffee can affect your health and sleep.

The best fat burner

This is the fat burner that I use when I am at the end of my fat loss diet. I only use it when my diet started and especially when I was competing. It's a great little helper for me when I combine it with calorie restriction to get more athletic and lean. If you don't have a proper diet, there is no point in using it.

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What foods can be substituted for fat burners?

In our diet, there are many fat-burning foods that offer the possibility of strengthening muscles. These are foods like celery, lemon, pepper, grapefruit, broccoli, cayenne pepper, and pepper.... Consuming these natural fat burners, along with a good diet, can therefore bring about small significant changes and will be as effective as consuming fat burners.

Fat burners should not be confused with diuretics. Natural diuretics such as asparagus will only be effective for water retention.

The importance of calculating your calories when dieting

When dieting with or without this dietary supplement, it is important to calculate the number of calories consumed in order to guarantee quick results. Indeed, the body generally eliminates only a few calories per day.

The calculation allows you to maintain the balance and not to consume in an instant a quantity of calories strong enough to replace that lost in several days. Moreover, you can also burn calories by doing sports.


In reality, fat burners will only be a small help and will only be really effective if you follow a proper diet program. If you consume them without changing your eating habits, eating more than you should then they will not serve you. Focus on the essentials before looking for shortcuts to the problem.

Finally, if you want to calculate your body fat percentage, you can read this article : How to calculate your body fat percentage?

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