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How to prepare for a men's physique bodybuilding competition?

I've been competing in the Men's physique category for several years now. I'm now an IFBB PRO in the IFBB Pro League, the world's largest bodybuilding federation. Arnold, Frank Zane, Ronnie Coleman, Jérémy Buendia and many others.

During my competitions, I made Vlogs for my youtube channel on which I post new videos every week. These are always related to bodybuilding and nutrition, but I also talk about my expatriation to the United States, travel, lifestyle, and of course the best places in the world to live. Miami beach. This allows me to share my experience and my passion with as many people as possible.

Criteria for competing in Men's Physique

It was in 2012 that the men's physique category was born. The attire of a men's physique competitor is very clear. A men's physique short is what is called a knee length boardshort beach surfer style. The notes rely solely on the upper body. You need to have a thick, wide V-shaped back and a very narrow waist, abs and correct muscle density. The whole upper body must be harmonious. There is no question here of a race for size. Finally, the legs are not noted.

The physical men's posing is only a front pose and a back pose with transition. I specify that posing in Europe is not the same as in the USA. For example, in the US, the fist on the waist is allowed, while in France the hand must be open and placed on the waist. In France, there are also 2 categories: Men's physique and men's physique muscular. A difference in size and muscle density between the two.

In the United States, in amateur photography, the exposure time is very short: about 30 seconds on stage, so you can't miss it. Then there are the comparisons. On the other hand, when you are a professional IFBB, the time is longer and you can afford to add a few poses to make the show.

To date, Mr. Olympia men's physique is Raymond Edmonds.

How did I get my bodybuilder's Pro card?

An American who wins a local competition in the USA is automatically eligible for the national competitions. If he finishes in first place in these national competitions, he is then eligible for the IFBB Pro League Card.

As I wasn't an American citizen, I couldn't enter national competitions. So the federation asked me to win 5 Overalls (winning my category + all categories combined) in the same year to petition for the right to apply for my PRO card. I managed to achieve these coveted 5 victories and after the Florida Grand Prix, I was able to put together my file at the beginning of May 2016. Following this, I had an interview with Jim Manion (the IFBB president) a month later who granted it to me. So I received my famous sesame at the beginning of July 2016.

You will find below the professional competitions in which I participated but first the last one as an amateur.

My bodybuilding competitions

The last competition before obtaining my PRO card


This is the biggest NPC competition of the year, the Florida Grand Prix, which takes place in West Palm Beach, Florida. I absolutely have to win in all categories to get my 5 overalls and get to the IFBB league pro card. (This was my 9th competition of the year)

My first IFBB PRO competition

Follow me on my 1st Pro IFBB Men's Physique competition taking place in Miami on October 22, 2016 (Dayana Cadeaux Classic). Prep, tan, meal, warm up, debrief.

My second IFBB PRO competition

In this Vlog I take you to Orlando for 3 days. I share with you the continuation of my carbohydrate rebound For my Men's Physique IFBB PRO competition. Europa Games which took place on May 20 and 21, 2017. I take you through all the behind the scenes, tan, preparation and the final pre and post competition meals and cheat meal. Meetings and exchanges with several IFBB PROs including Jérémy Potvin (3rd at Mr Olympia 2017), my buddy Gerardo Gabriel and more!

My 3rd IFBB PRO competition

In this video, I share with you all my meals the day before and the day of my competition. My carbohydrate rebound For my Men's Physique IFBB PRO competition, the Miami Muscle Beach Pro which took place on June 10, 2017. I take you through all the behind the scenes, tan, prep, warm up and final meals, carb refill. How to limit water retention as much as possible before going on stage and post competition cheat meal. Meetings and exchanges with several IFBB PROs including Gerardo Gabriel and more!

My 4th IFBB PRO competition

In this VLOG video I share with you the last few days before my last IFBB PRO Men's Physique competition the Prestige Crystal Cup in Boca Raton, Florida. Carb rebound, last circuit training, last meals and competition.

My 5th IFBB PRO competition

In this new VLOG video I share with you the last few moments before my last competition of the year IFBB PRO Men's Physique TAMPA PRO in Florida. Carb rebound, last meals, backstage, pre-competition warm up, stage and posing and of course Cheat meal!

I hope that my experience has given you some useful information, the life of a high level athlete or even the backstage of the competitions. However, you should know that being a competitor is not a job. You will not earn a living if you compete. Only a few pros can make a decent living from their passion.

If you are looking to follow a program that I have prepared myself for, you can find all the information here:

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  1. Your competition vlogs are so long that I watch them while doing cardio and it's great

  2. I've never seen a french physical man compete in so many competitions
    hats off to you friend

  3. interesting to see the other side of the bodybuilders. between musclemania and npc you won how many 1st place? it's huge to have such a great career. do you think you'll ever take a physical trainer like stanimal for example, even though you're a very good coach, don't you think that can help you concentrate only on following what you're told without taking your head.

  4. I can't wait for you to start competing again, we miss your competition vlogs. the atmosphere, and all the knowledge you bring to the French competitors, what a sharing 😉

  5. We miss your competition vlogs. Can't wait to see you again at the San Marino Pro
    Can't wait to see the results after so many trials and tribulations for a turf comeback

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