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Why consume shark cartilage in bodybuilding?

The discovery of shark cartilage

The shark is an animal that has been admired and feared by everyone since the dawn of time, perhaps even the most fascinating. You may not know it, but the shark is a fish whose skeleton is made of cartilage and not bone. It is thus a cartilaginous fish, or chondrichthyan. The discovery of its beneficial properties and its use in the paramedical field dates back to the 1990s. The properties associated with shark cartilage are mainly related to joints.

Its consumption allows athletes to obtain better joint performance and also preserves their muscles. This cartilage is used as part of diets in the field of sport and is generally presented in the form of capsules. In the field of bodybuilding, it is common to consume food supplements that provide protein in large quantities but also micronutrients and it is in this case that it is also advisable to consume it. Of course, nothing is mandatory, but let's see what you need to know about this supplement.

What is shark cartilage?

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It is undeniable that the shark, which has inhabited our planet for more than 400 million years, is endowed with an incredible general resistance, but in particular, a resistance against numerous diseases. Scientific studies have shown that its impressive immunity comes precisely from its cartilage! This cartilage is located in its fins and is comparable to a soft bone.

It is this that gives the fins of sharks their well-known shape. The main species of shark that are used in the manufacture of the capsules found in the market are the dogfish. Also known as the dogfish, or Squalus acanthias, and the scalloped hammerhead shark, which you all know, or Sphyrna lewini. They are found mainly in the Pacific Ocean.

What is the composition of shark cartilage?

It contains essential nutrients that are important for sports activities. In fact, it is mainly composed of calcium and proteins. In fact, proteins represent almost half of its constitution, which makes it valuable. Due to this rich composition, it contributes effectively to the strengthening of the joint and the prevention of injuries caused by the repetitive movements that can be performed during bodybuilding training. It also acts on the recovery of these same joints.

They need squalamine and chondroitin and it provides them. The good health of our tendons and joints also depends on the presence of glucosamine and it also contains a lot of it. Finally, and for all these reasons that shark cartilage is so sought after and is a gold mine for the functioning of our muscles and vital organs, it also contains amino acids, collagen, phosphorus and mucopolysaccharides.

What are their benefits?

First of all, shark cartilage has anti-inflammatory properties that allow it, among other things, to relieve arthritis and osteoarthritis. According to recent serious studies, it also prevents the development of cancer cells! This would therefore perhaps represent a great hope in the field. Acting with great efficiency on the state of our joints, shark cartilage helps to fight against polyarthritis. It greatly facilitates the reconstitution of cartilage and also has a natural response to relax the joints and improve mobility. It is also used in the treatment of inflammatory disorders, including hemorrhoids, wound healing problems, skin allergies and psoriasis.

To consume

Regular consumption of shark cartilage helps to maintain connective tissue such as tendons and joints. The proteins and amino acids contained in shark cartilage contribute to the development and strengthening of muscles in the joints. The calcium, which it also contains in large part, is essential for strengthening bones. Finally, its nutrients, chondroitin and glucosamine sulphate, are essential for joints. Its benefits are thus particularly varied.

Where to find shark cartilage?

You will find shark cartilage in all parapharmacies but also in all food supplement shops such as prozis: Here is the one I recommend

shark cartilage bodybuilding

The dosage to take

It is recommended to take four to eight 750 mg capsules
per day, in two doses, before meals, with water.

People who cannot consume shark cartilage

It is not advisable to take it when we have arterial or peripheral circulation problems. The body can start to make bypass blood vessels and it can inhibit this process. Also, because of its anti-angiogenic action, it is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. The same applies to children and to people suffering from a wound following an injury or surgery.

Why would we need it in bodybuilding?

Shark cartilage, by strengthening the joints and promoting their mobility, has a very logical place in the weight training. Indeed, a bodybuilding session consists of many repetitions of the same movement, which, associated with heavy loads, will request your joints strongly and during a long time. The capsules are a dietary supplement rich in proteins and antioxidants that are necessary for the manufacture of muscle. Joint pain and inflammation will be limited by taking it. It is a medicine, not based on plants, but rather of marine origin, which brings to the practitioner of body-building and fitness all that it needs, proteins, calcium, vitamins...

Whether it is used in the context of :

  • Dietary supplementation ;
  • Ligament maintenance;
  • the prevention of various muscular aches and pains;
  • Joint mobility;
  • Prevention of trauma ;
  • Joint problems;
  • Strengthening the flexibility of the joints;
  • In the treatment of tendonitis and joint mobility;
  • In the context of regeneration ;
  • Nutritional intake or as a painkiller;

Shark cartilage is a miracle remedy that makes it indispensable for bodybuilding. But its properties are not limited to this field and make it also indispensable in many treatments such as rheumatism or osteoporosis.

And you? have you ever tested shark cartilage?

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