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If you are on this page...

You probably want to know more about me and my background.

But since I'm past 40, I'd rather warn you:

I have a lot of things to tell 😉

So if you don't have time to read everything...

Here's what you need to remember:

My name is Julien Quaglierini.

And I have been weight training for over 26 years.

During my career as a bodybuilder, I had the opportunity to participate in more than 35 competitions.

Of which 6 as a professional IFBB athlete in the United States.

This allowed me to meet and learn from some of the most famous athletes in the sport (such as Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Mike O'Hearn, Kai Greene or Arnold Schwarzenegger)


I stopped competing to devote myself exclusively to my online sports coaching business.

In order to share the most effective strategies I have discovered and used over the past 15 years...

... but while adapting them so that the practitioners beginners as advanced can benefit from it.

My goal is simple:

Show you how to achieve the look of your dreams...

... in a process pleasant where you will enjoy every step of your transformation.


If you have a few extra minutes...

... or that you are simply curious.


How it all began...

See this little guy?

This is me at 14.

At this age:

I have been practicing swimming and karate assiduously for several years now.

But everything changed when I first saw a magazine cover with Arnold Schwarzenegger on it.

When I see his physique so impressive?

I have only one desire:

Him look like.

And not having any knowledge nor any material at disposal...

I decide to start training with the means at hand.

That means push-ups and sit-ups.

From that day on?

I start to chain the series to failure almost EVERY day in my room...

... with the posters of my idols as motivation number 1 hung on the wall.

(including Frank Zane, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman and of course Schwarzy)

I kept up this rhythm of bodyweight training for 2 years.

Until one day:


I FINALLY walk through the doors of a weight room...

... and not surprisingly, it is a REVELATION.

Right away, I get hooked on this very special atmosphere:

  • The sound of cast iron hitting the ground.
  • The extreme congestion that isolation exercises provide.
  • The feeling of well-being at the end of each session.


In just a few weeks?

I am becoming so passionate that it is obvious to me that I must continue in this direction.

It is therefore logical that I decide to start studying in the field of science and technology of physical activities.

I continued my studies for 8 years.

8 years during which I perfected my learning and understanding of the muscular development of the human body.

And where I obtain all the possible state diplomas on the subject in the perspective of being at the same time a high level athlete.

But also a passionate practitioner, driven by the desire to share my love for bodybuilding with all those who have the will to sculpt their body like a Greek god.


The American Dream

julien quaglierini

After my first years as a sports coach.

I decided at 30, on a whim, to leave everything behind.

I put for sale everything I own in France.

And I set off on an adventure to Miami even though I hardly spoke a word of English.

My dream?

Living in the USA (THE country of bodybuilding)

And above all...

Get my Pro Card in Bodybuilding in the most prestigious federation: the IFBB.


It is quickly explained to me that things are going to be complicated.

Not being American, I have to earn 5 overall to get it.

In other words:

I have to win 5 competitions in all weight categories in only 1 year.

At the beginning?

I see this as an IMPOSSIBLE obstacle to overcome.

(especially when I see the level of competitors on site)

But I still decided to try my luck.

For several years...

I go from competition to competition with sometimes only a week between each one.

This pushes me physically and mentally to the limit to manage to keep my dryness level so low.

But in the end?

My hard work and efforts are paying off in the end.

I finally get a first overall (overall winner), then a second, then a third.

And at that time?

I'm starting to believe it's possible.

A few months later...

... after an intense and emotional year.

I finally see the end of the tunnel.

When I won my 5th and last overall, I had the honor and pride of being one of the first Frenchmen to obtain his IFBB professional card.


The worst experience of my life...

After this first objective accomplished?

It's time for me to start a new one, but this time even more ambitious.

To qualify for the most famous and prestigious bodybuilding competition:

The Mr. Olympia.

Only very quickly...

My dream is falling apart.

After putting my body through the wringer test by chaining the dry (extreme) repeatedly to compete.

The herniated disc that I've been carrying around since I was a teenager is calling me to order more and more often.


My back is so blocked that I can't get out of bed for 15 days.

I understand then that this can't go on any longer and that I have to do something.

That's why, at the end of 2017, I made the decision to make myself operate.

Except that...

... everything does not go as planned.

And my hope for recovery is quickly turning into a nightmare.

One complication after another...

And my condition is getting SO bad that the doctors tell me it's not sure I'll ever walk again.

The result?

I lost more than 20 kg of muscle mass.

And I am TOTALLY unable to train.

So I'm starting from scratch...

But inside me?

It is impossible to let myself be defeated and accept this fate.

I then do everything in my power to get back on my feet.

And after months of perseverance, I'm able to walk again and resume training.


The rebirth

My first sessions are exclusively body weight.

Then gradually, I started to train in the gym again.

And as the first sensations return?

I decided to mark the occasion by taking on the biggest challenge of my career.

Make a final competition in the queen category:

The Classic Physics category.

For almost 1 year and a halfI am undergoing an intense preparation to recover and surpass my former level.

In particular by following the program CLASSIC BEAST at first, then the PRO SHREDZ EVOLUTION.

And I'm finally reaching the best physique of my life at this competition in San Marino in 2019.

This competition will mark the end of my career.


My other dreams...

From that day until now...

I dedicate myself exclusively to my activity as an online sports coach.

Even if in the meantime...

I was able to realize two more of my dreams.

The first one in 2021, by obtaining the American nationality after a long process of 10 years of steps.

And the second one at the end of 2022, when I became the father of a little boy 🙂


In turn, I want to help those who wish to achieve the physique of their dreams.

By demonstrating that by taking the most effective techniques of bodybuilding.

It is possible to transform yourself while having fun and keeping a balance between training, work and family life.


If this is what you are looking for?

So I hope you enjoy my site.

And that my content will help you get closer to your goals quickly 😉

Now, to finish this long story.

I would like to add one last word...

... which I believe is the key to any success.

No matter what you want to accomplish?

Whether it's in strength training or in another area of your life.

Remember that the one who succeeds...

He is the one who does not give up never.

Julien Q.

arnold schwarzenegger