These Terms and Conditions are offered by TRESORNET LLC, now headquartered at 8610 E Baypoint Circle, 33076 Parkland, Florida, USA.

THE SELLER offers, via its website https://julienquaglierini.com/online coaching services, sports programs.

Each customer acknowledges having read and understood these GTC, as well as all the information necessary for the execution of the contract, before placing an order and before entering into any contract with TRESORNET LLC.


These terms and conditions apply to all use of the Site and to all orders for Products and services by any customer, as from 01/01/2024.

The GTS define the conditions for ordering Products and services and the rights and obligations of the parties.

In the event of contradiction, these GTC shall prevail over any previous version.

Acceptance of the T&Cs is required for all orders, by means of a box to be ticked at the time of ordering.

THE SELLER invites customers to carefully read, print and/or save these GCSV. This acceptance consists in ticking the box corresponding to the sentence of acceptance of the present CGUV, such as, for example, "I have read and accept the general conditions". 

Ticking this box will be deemed to have the same value as a handwritten signature by the Customer*.


Access to the Site is free of charge, subject to the customer's connection and computer equipment costs.

Access via computer or mobile terminal with Internet connection.

THE SELLER endeavours to ensure that the Site is accessible at all times, except for maintenance.

Limited liability of the SELLER in the event of unavailability of the Site.

Server hosting at Infomaniak - Geneva, Switzerland.


Orders via the Site, with or without user account creation.

Selection of Products and services by the customer on the Site.

Exact information required for order validation. The customer is responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and relevance of the data provided.

The Customer may make changes, corrections, additions or even cancel his order, until it is validated on the order summary page, before payment.

No refund for ebooks after order. Right of withdrawal not applicable to digital products.

Possibility of reimbursement for coaching and diet services under certain conditions only (see explanation below): RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL)


Prices in euros, exclusive of tax.

Prices and additional costs clearly indicated when ordering.

Secure payment via Stripe, Paypal.

Pre-payment required to validate order.

Before placing the order, the Customer must confirm this summary.

The site is completely secure. All pages respect the SSL protocol and are preceded by https:// (the "s" meaning secure), which guarantees encryption and therefore total protection of your data before transfer via the Internet. Your bank details are not stored and are processed directly by your bank's servers. You can therefore make your payments in complete security.


Since the products are digital or personal services, there are no delivery times or charges. 

The ebooks are sent directly via a download link after the order has been placed. 

For coaching, the process requires the customer to fill in a questionnaire, which he receives with his order and also by e-mail. Finalized plans are dispatched a maximum of 7 days after receipt of the completed questionnaire.


No right of withdrawal for digital content and services starting immediately after purchase.

No refund for ebooks. 

Conditional reimbursement for coaching and diet services. 

A conditional refund is possible if the request is made within 2 months of purchase, unless the customer has informed the Vendor of an anticipated delay in using the service and has not returned the questionnaire.

If a refund is granted by the SELLER, the bank transaction fees will be deducted from the amount refunded. 

These costs vary according to the formula chosen by the customer.


Warranty of conformity applicable in the event of defect at the time of taking possession of the Product.


Each party is liable for its own faults, errors or omissions.

LE VENDEUR's limited liability for the operation of the Site.


The SELLER's intellectual property rights to the Site and its contents. Texts, documents, information, images, photographs, graphics, logos or any other data remain the exclusive property of the SELLER.

Prohibition of reproduction, representation and exploitation of the SELLER's brand and content. 

Any breach of this rule is punishable under intellectual property laws by prosecution.


Collection and processing of the customer's personal data in accordance with current legislation.

TRESORNET LLC undertakes not to divulge this information to third parties, except in the event of legal necessity or for the execution of the service requested by the customer. Data confidentiality is an absolute priority to guarantee the security and trust of our customers.


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Presence of links to other sites, without guarantee on the part of THE SELLER.


Customer service can be reached by email at contact@julienquaglierini.com


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