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why choosing a Coaching?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then read on.


On the internet, there are tons of programs that promise you quick results with extreme diets and so-called "miracle" supplements.
You may have even tried some of them already...
And it is even possible that some of them have helped you lose weight (at least initially).
But at what cost?
By following an extreme diet, you risk 3 things:
- Damaging your health
A diet that is too restrictive usually does not provide all the necessary nutrients and can have harmful effects on your body.
- "Crash" your metabolism and stagnate
Simply explained: it's when your metabolism no longer functions properly and you can no longer lose weight.
(If you think this is your case, don't worry, there are solutions)
- Regain the weight you lost (or more...)
According to a study by the French Food Safety Agency :
80 % of people regain their lost weight one year after finishing their diet. 
But if you're on this page, I'm guessing you don't want to be in that category.
You'd rather be among the 20%s who lose weight, achieve a body they like and keep it for the long haul, right?
Then I invite you to click on the following button:


Almost every week, I receive messages from people who are "discouraged" by their lack of results... despite months or years of practice.
And when I ask them about what they eat or their training methods?
I always see the same mistakes.
That's why if you are reading these lines...
I'm going to give you 2 very simple tips that you can use today.
(even if you don't want to be coached)
These are not secrets, but the majority of people who can't gain weight don't follow them.
So read on:
→ 1) You need to eat a sufficient amountbut not everything you can get your hands on.
Some of my students are at 5000+ calories/day to gain weight. I know, that's a lot, but that's the way their metabolism is.
If this is also your case, calculating your calories and macros accurately to ensure you have the right nutritional intake will be key to your progress.
And while you can indulge yourself from time to time... keep a "clean" diet the 80% of the time by choosing the right and quality foods.
→ 2) Train smart
Don't do an exercise just because your neighbor is doing it too.
Don't go heavy just to please your ego.
First and foremost, rely on the feel and technique you use on each exercise.
This is what I teach my students (through some specific intensification methods)
And this is what will allow you to gain muscle in the long run.
If you want to go further and know my vision of coaching, continue reading.


This is also a question I am often asked, so I will answer it:
A "stand-alone" program, as I like to call it, can bring you results.
It is a comprehensive program designed to work on as many people as possible.
And this can be a great option if you are on a tight budget.
On the other hand...
Here's what you don't get from a stand-alone program:
- It does not check if you are doing the exercises correctly.
- It does not ask you for photos and measurements every 2 weeks.
- It is not there to support you or motivate you when things are not going well.
- He does not answer your questions by email.
- It does not readjust itself according to your progress.

In short, you get it.
Following a program and being followed by a coach are two things COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.
But the decision is up to you depending on your budget and whether you want something personalized or not.


My mission is simple:
That you can achieve the physique of your dreams while enjoying every step of the transformation process as much as possible.
After 15 years as a bodybuilding competitor, including 5 years in IFBB Pro, my goal is to offer a unique follow-up to each of my students, so that they can progress as efficiently as possible and reach the body they have always dreamed of.
That is why my coaching is based on the following 2 pillars:
- The physical part
Where I build your diet and training program from A to Z according to :
Your morphology, your genetics, your schedule, your possible physical problems and the equipment you have at your disposal.
Every 15 days, we also do an assessment to make adjustments.
- The mental part
Where I am there to support you, motivate you and teach you to have a mind of steel.
This is a point that is often overlooked among practitioners.
And yet if you look around you...
You will find that the majority of people who achieve their physical goals have first and foremost built a strong morale and discipline.
Joining TeamJulienQ?
I propose to work on these 2 pillars for you transform permanently.
With real, realistic, long-term results, with a program that is fun to follow and totally adapted to your lifestyle.
These 16 As a coach, I have had the opportunity to transform the appearance and change the lives of thousands of people.
It's up to you if you want to be next.

You Will Learn How To Lose Fat And Be Fit All Year

Without Depriving Yourself Of The Foods You Love!

✓ Food plans that are totally customized to your tastes and lifestyle, flexible and enjoyable that include your favorite foods and a "cheat meal"

A precise calculation of your caloric needs and macros for fast results without stagnation

✓ A dietary supplement recommendation (complete protocol, dosage, timing). to speed up your progress.

✓ Updates to your nutrition plans every 2 weeks to ensure long-term success with no weight regain, frustration, or yo-yo effect. 

salmon tartine

Ready FOR results like these?

You Can Have the Best Body Ever

Without Being a Slave to the Gym!

✓ Fully customized training programs based on your own equipment, your morphology and your objectives.

✓ A weekly workout with the breakdown of sessions per week tailored to your lifestyle.

Rapid fat loss with my Advanced Training Methods and HIIT cardio.

✓ Details of each workout with exercise list, tempos, reps, rest period, tips, diagrams and demo videos of each exercise.

✓ A new training program every 4 weeks. for rapid and consistent progress and maximize fat oxidation while promoting muscle gain.


Here's What TEAM Students Are Saying About Coaching

coaching Julien Quaglierini

Your availability, your reactivity throughout the six months of complete follow-up will have greatly helped me to exceed my initial objective (78kg), thanks to your knowledge and your creativity, the very precise menus that you gave me every 15 days taught me things that remain in my memory for the future and did not tire me, contributed to keeping this diet. Concerning the training programs, you knew how to adapt yourself in 6 months to 3 different situations: at home with very little equipment, my favorite gym (Legend Fitness) and a mediocre and badly maintained gym. Each time you responded with great relevance. Morally, your non-judgmental attitude, your involvement and your ability to focus on the positive have been a great help. Whether it was to put me back in the middle of a health crisis when I couldn't take it anymore, to erase my doubts and anger along this little 6-month path, to show me the strong points of a room that was certainly practical because it was next door to me even though I was repulsed by it, well, you always answered present. What I also liked is that you are pragmatic, you are not there to sell dreams, that feels good. You are indeed the man whose videos I have enjoyed watching on YouTube for the past three years, this humble, enthusiastic and competent man who inspires confidence. For all this, dear Julien, I thank you.

All positive things: At 46 years old with herniated discs, torn muscles and joints in poor condition, I was on the verge of stopping working out. Julien managed the feat of building me custom plans where I can really force and put intensity, the sensations are guaranteed at each training, all without risk for my joints. I went from 74.8 kg to 79.3 relatively clean in 9 weeks and my joints are better, despite the intense training and increasing loads. The plans are original, there is nothing extravagant, everything is realistic and consistent even when looking closely. When a movement doesn't pass, it takes into account my feelings and always offers me a valid substitute movement. The exchanges are always pleasant, you can feel someone investing himself. Each email has a response and often within half a day despite the time difference. Three great months, as much for the progress as for the exchanges and the motivation that you were able to transmit to me.

Due to the amount of so-called coaches on the internet it is difficult to distinguish the true professional. So, after thinking about it for a long time, I decided to collaborate with Julien. His diplomas, his experience of competition, his sports mentality and his thinking far from stereotypes made me decide. After these 3 months of follow-up for my first competition, I can say that I was not mistaken! It's a pleasure to have a real diet plan adapted to my Vegan lifestyle and careful and detailed training with regular evolutions. I discovered new methods and exercises. For the slightest question always ready to answer with details and reactivity, always keeping up to date with my evolution. In the end, for the "D" day I was ready thanks to his many advices and his rigorous follow-up. You know what I think of you Julien... Also, I wish you all the best and I am sure that for a next goal I won't have to look for anyone else to collaborate with. Friendly

"First of all I wanted to thank you for your professionalism, and for the quality of the work you have done for me. Indeed, before starting this coaching together, I needed a change and a boost because even with years of training and dieting alone I realized that I had reached a point where maybe I didn't have the right methods to advance further in my progress, and that maybe I didn't know my body completely. You have been a great support for me during these 3 months, you allowed me to stop thinking and to act following your dietary recommendations and training plan which allowed me today to change my figure and to feel better in my skin, the pictures speak for themselves. Sometimes it was hard, the lack of food was felt at times because combining my daily professional life, training, meal preparation and daily worries required a lot of mental strength during this caloric deficit. I am very proud of myself, and very proud of the work we both accomplished in only 3 months. I have surpassed myself and my mind by achieving a progression that I would never have succeeded alone. So I wanted to thank you, thank you for guiding me, thank you for supporting me and encouraging me. You are great and very involved, we can see that you are passionate about your work. It was great! I will come back with great pleasure! Thanks again."

"An exemplary and very complete follow-up that I have been doing for a year now and that I am obviously renewing, having been able to compare with other colleagues who followed me before, Julien, it is perfection and the sense of detail and especially the listening of what one wishes to achieve as an objective.... All you have to do is follow the training plans and the diet follow-up to the letter (easier said than done lol) and the results are there very quickly.... I advise anyone who is hesitant to take the plunge to do so with their eyes closed.... Kind regards".

"Julien is a passionate coach who gives it back to you! We worked together for several months and step by step he knew how to unblock my blocks, to highlight my needs and my shortcomings in order to serenely build my sports progression. Always listening and smiling, his coaching was a real privilege. The tools and advice that I was able to put into practice really helped me on the nutritional and sporting level. His follow-up (every 15 days) boosted my self-confidence and taught me to fully assert myself. Thanks to his character and his expertise, he gave me many keys to move forward and progress. His benevolence and optimism accompanied me throughout the coaching process, and I came out of this personal and human adventure a better person. To try it is to adopt it".




"I have lost 10 kg in 3 months! I feel better physically and in my head thanks to my transformation and daily motivation from Julien"






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