fitness fair 2017

My Fitness Fair 2017

Part 1

Vlog fitness show 2017 in Paris! I finally meet you! Live with me these few extraordinary days from Miami to Paris at the Fitness Show with Team Mymuscle. Moment of sharing with Stanimal, Théo Leguerrier, Enzo Foukra, Nathan Mozango, Sao Nelson, Alex and Stessie little

our trainings, our delusions, lifestyle, cheat mealfeat and training with Jamo and much more ! and this is only the first part !

Part 2

Live with me these few extraordinary days in Paris at the Bodyfitness show with Team Mymuscle, our trainings, our deliriums, lifestyle, cheat meal and much more!

Frédéric Mompo, will take us to the podium of the show and we will set the fire

Beyond an exhibition, it is an extraordinary human experience

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